Vintage Battery Restoration

How to give old batteries new life

 Other   October 3, 2021

Vintage Battery Restoration

Vintage cardboard batteries from the 30's and 40's are quite rare because when they wore out they were disposed of. So when a battery is found it is worthy of display as an incredible survivor but an even better pathway is to restore the battery so that it looks original with original connectors at the proper voltage levels.


Burgess AB 1.5v/65v

This battery came with the first battery radio, the Philco. The cardboard is carefully separated, and the old innards removed and disposed of responsibly. Not sure what is inside but it is very likely caustic so personal protection is used. The cardboard is formed into a sleeve leaving one end accessible in order to replace batteries.

The original socket is removed and new leads soldered in place. A new box is constructed using foamboard and tacky glue to fit perfectly inside the cardboard sleeve of the original box. Inserts and battery holders are glued inside the box to hold seven 9v batteries for the high voltage output and dual D size to get the 1.5v filament voltages. A hinged side (using cloth as the hinge) allows the  batteries to be replaced when necessary. Voltages test perfect for powering the radio.


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