Emery Champ

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 Guitar Amps   September 11, 2021

Emery Champ

The Emery Champ is Built in a Emerson R-152 AM radio cabinet from 1945. Original cabinet patina is preserved along with the original speaker cloth and knobs. The original bezel provides a window into the glowing heart of the amp. A period correct leather handle is included. Great small stage presence or studio recording.

The Emery Champ uses the classic Fender Champ 1956 5F1 tweed circuit. Hand wired circuit layout. Playing through a Weber 6” alnico speaker providing an articulate punch in a very tight space. The speaker is cleverly mounted with a slight upward tilt to improve direct sound projection when the amp is lower than the player's ears. Can be run through a 4 ohm external speaker cabinet for bigger sound.

Pictures of the build history can be found here 

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