Starburst Clock Bilt Rite


 Other   October 9, 2021

Starburst Clock Bilt Rite

This clock is likely from the 1950's. It is a standard AC movement with manual adjustment.

This came to StillAmp'd from a customer that wanted to convert it to a battery movement to eliminate the cord.

After some discussion, the customer made the right decision to keep the clock original. Primarily becasue the hands might have needed to be changed to fit the new battery stem.

The clock was an easy fix, just replace the cord with a new cord in the proper way. Fortunately, I found a vintage yellowed white cord in the parts box that was flexible and nicely matched the aging of the cord the clock came with.

The clock keeps really good time. Unfortunately the clock had sentimental value and was not for sale (for my man-cave)

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