Philco 40-81 Battery Radio


 Radio Restoration   September 19, 2021

Philco 40-81 Battery Radio

The Philco 40-81 was one of the first battery radios I worked on. This radio has all the capacitors replaced and is one of the strongest radio reception in the collection. Still need to find or construct a replacement leather handle. All original airplane cloth covering is in really nice shape; very presentable. Also included are the original knobs, dial plate and pointer. Completely cleaned inside the chassis.

The Philco 40-81 came with an original Burgess A-B battery (1.5v for filaments and 90v for HV). The radio insides were removed and the cardboard insert was preserved. A foam board box was created to fit inside the original insert. Modern batteries were installed in the foam board box. Battery operation allows the low voltage tubes to operate almost instantly.

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