Early Footswitch Danelectro/Silvertone

Early Danelctro/Silvertone Footswitch Reproduction - in process

 Guitar Amps   December 3, 2021

In the early 1960’s, guitar amp manufacturers began making amps with tremolo and/or reverb that were controlled by a footswitch. Some of the earliest (and rarest) footswitches were made from a block of angled wood. Some had a medal plate that the switches were mounted to and some of the earliest used the wood itself carved out so that the switches could be effectively mounted. Most notably,  Silvertone and Danelectro made footswitches were like this and they are extremely rare. We attempt to replicate this switch here,





The start of the pedal is a 2x4 that was cut lengthwise on a band saw and routed out using forstner bits.




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